Silver is like the love in our hearts: if we take good care of it, it will never fade.

All Sugarplum Lane's hand-crafted pieces are sterling silver, 925, made with the highest-quality silver. Our goal is to help your special girl treasure and preserve your special bond, which she can someday pass down to her own children. It is natural for silver to tarnish over time. However, when properly treated, silver will last generations. Sugarplum Lane Promise Boxes were created to house Sugarplum Lane pieces, keeping pieces clean and dust free. However, silver will eventually tarnish when coming in contact with skin, perfume, lotions, etc. Please do not use toothpaste or chemical dips on Sugarplum Lane pieces. Do use a small amount of a quality brand of silver polish like Hagerty Silver Foam, sold on the Sugarplum Lane website. Use a soft cloth or sponge to apply the polish; rub the piece with the sponge. Wash thoroughly, removing all the polish: then rinse well in warm water, and buff gently with a soft cloth. These cleaning techniques will keep your sterling bright and shiny. When not wearing Sugarplum Lane pieces, please keep them in the Promise Box to help preserve their luster.