Sugarplum Lane Products

Signature Silver Heart Earrings

Our signature Sugarplum Lane heart collection in sterling silver, 925. For little girls and women of all ages. Timeless gifts for fleeting moments.

Sugarplum Lane newborn baby gifts

Celebrate the amazing moment she entered your life--and everything changed, forever. Sugarplum Lane newborn baby gifts.

Sugarplum Lane Christening gifts

Remember the special moment when she began her journey--with her name, and her faith with our Sugarplum Lane Christening gifts.

Sugarplum Lane her first steps

The journey of a thousand miles begins with one precious step. Always remember her first ones.

Sugarplum Lane her first day of school

The coming of "school days" marks a rite of passage. Help her remember how proud you'll always be.

My Little Ballerina

Our exclusive Sugarplum Lane hand-carved and hand-polished three-dimensional ballerina jewelry.

Sugarplum Lane birthday girl gifts

Every birthday with your special birthday girl is a precious gift. Another year of love, laughter and memories begins. Celebrate--and never let her forget. Sugarplum Lane birthday girl gifts.

Spread Your Wings And Fly!

The Sugarplum Lane butterfly. Created for our daughters so they may spread their wings and fly! Sugarplum Lane's exclusive hand-carved and hand-polished butterfly necklace.

Sugarplum Lane Bat Mitzvah gifts

Honor the generations of tradition--and embrace her future. Sugarplum Lane Bat Mitzvah gifts.

Little Soccer Star

Share in your little soccer star's soccer moments. Sugarplum Lane, through all of life's little steps.

Sugarplum Lane Sweet 16 gifts

Crown your princess! Show her how proud you are as she reaches this classic sweet 16 milestone.

Help her remember those special summers you spend with her, no matter what age.

Sugarplum Lane graduation gifts

She worked hard--and so did you. Now graduation day is here...and you've never been so proud. Sugarplum Lane graduation gifts.

Sugarplum Lane good luck gifts

Celebrate your daughter's big step and wish her good luck with something precious for her first job. Sugarplum Lane good luck gifts.

Sugarplum Lane housewarming gifts

Home is where the heart is. Commemorate her first home with a reminder she'll always have a your heart. Sugarplum Lane housewarming gifts.

Sugarplum Lane engagement gifts

Life blooms when love shines on us. And now your special girl has found a love of her own. Celebrate her engagement, with a reminder that a father's love lasts forever.

Sugarplum Lane wedding gifts

It's the day you've all dreamed of since she was little. And now that she's a stunning's hard to let go. Let her know how proud you are--and to never, ever forget that you'll always be there for her.

Sugarplum Lane mother to be gift

Handmade in the USA. Sugarplum Lane baby and mommy blankets are plush, soft and luxurious, perfect for new baby gifts and throws for mommy. Tested and baby safe. 

Sugarplum Lane silver chains

Our Sugarplum Lane signature heart is cast right into every silver chain, a constant reminder that you will always be there. 

Sugarplum Lane twisted satin chains

Our Sugarplum Lane signature twisted-satin chains available in turquoise, red, silver, pink, purple and black.

Sugarplum Lane Promise Boxes wooden jewelry boxes

Tiger Maple and Purple Heart wood--the wood is really that color. One of a kind and numbered. With one glance, she'll be able to see all of the moments you shared together.